Article 9 April 2021

Unique combination of confocality with white LED light — iCare TrueColor Confocal Technology offers direct benefit to eye health professionals

TrueColor mosaic retinal image of Stargardt disease

iCare’s cutting-edge imaging systems with TrueColor Confocal technology help acquire superior-quality, natural-color images that accurately document the retinal landscape in a dilation-free process.

Confocal technology has long been regarded as a gold standard in the field of ophthalmology when it comes to image quality. So, when iCare combined the benefits of confocality with a white LED light source in its first EIDON device in 2014, a winning combination was born — TrueColor Confocal Technology.  

The one-of-a-kind breakthrough combination has since given eye care professionals from around the world a cutting-edge advantage over traditional fundus imaging systems. iCare’s TrueColor Confocal Technology helps in the acquisition of high-quality, detail-rich, high-fidelity images of the retina in true-to-life colors. This provides eye care practitioners with a more authentic perception of the retinal anatomy, displaying the smallest of details that can help in the detection, diagnosis, and follow-up of pathologies. 

This combination of technical knowledge is the technological heart of DRSplus and the EIDON family. How does TrueColor Confocal Technology work and what advantages does it offer eye health professionals? 

Quicker, smoother, and more patient-friendly workflow thanks to dilation-free process

iCare’s TrueColor Confocal Technology allows the acquisition of highquality images of the retina even in difficult imaging conditions, such as in cases of cataracts and small pupils. The non-mydriatic device uses a thin beam of white LED light that can pass through the smallest of pupils (down to 2.5 mm). When patients don’t need to be dilated, the workflow is quicker, smoother, and more comfortable for doctors and patients alike.  

White LED beam captures the retina in true color giving more accurate documentation of various pathologies

iCare’s DRSplus and EIDON family produce detail-rich images that allow for closer analysis and easier detection of various pathologies such as diabetic retinopathy, vein occlusion and macular degeneration*. 

The devices based on TrueColor Confocal Technology provide balanced color images, with a wide richness of color content and enhanced contrast — this provides eyecare professionals with more accurate documentation of retinal appearance.  

Confocality suppresses scattered light providing higher image quality and easier detection of the smallest details

iCare’s retinal imaging systems with TrueColor Confocal Technology are the only devices in the market that combine white LED illumination with a confocal scanning optical engine. 

The white LED beam enters the eye, illuminates a thin slice of the retina, and the reflected beam passes through a confocal slit which selects only the light coming from the specific point of the retina. The system then rapidly scans the retina slice by slice until the image on the sensor is completely reproduced and reaches the perfect brightness.  

The TrueColor Confocal scanning system provides sharp and detailed images because it supresses scattered light or light reflected by structures different from the retina. For example, lens with a cataract or other opacities is blocked and eliminated by the confocal slit. This helps acquire higher image quality, better sharpness, and more richness of detail than what can be achieved with traditional fundus cameras. 


The Perfect Shot in Retinal Imaging by Dr. K. Bailey Freund in Pie Magazine June/July 2019 

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