Experiences of glaucoma patients and doctors on the use of the iCare HOME and HOME2 tonometers

iCare HOME2 user experience: Matthew Tighe and Jasna Pavicic-Astalos, MD, PhD

Bertil, glaucoma patient

“I have been using it for the last three months. I have to say that it has changed my life completely.”

Marjatta, glaucoma patient

“We can measure my eye pressure whenever I choose. Especially if one has glaucoma that responds poorly to medication, such as mine, then home measuring device is a great help in everyday life."

Barbara Wirostko MD, FARVO, Moran Eye Center, University of Utah

IOP monitoring with the iCare HOME2 tonometer - An interview with Dr. Barbara Wirostko.

Enping Chen, Senior Consultant, St. Erik's Eye Hospital, Sweden

“ I recommend the use of iCare HOME because it is a patient-friendly device, we can get reliable results of the IOP measurement, and the patients do not have to come to the hospital to get IOP measurements."

Barbara Cvenkel, MD, Head of Glaucoma Unit, Professor, Eye Hospital Ljubljana

“I’d definitely recommend iCare HOME, and not only to the patients, but also to the ophthalmologists. It’s very safe and patients also reported that it’s comfortable for them.”

  • “Knowing the eye pressure has been helpful especially when my medication has been changed. If the readings are abnormal, I can contact my doctor. The doctor can see the results from her computer and tell me her professional view.” 

    — Marjatta, Glaucoma patient

  • “The device is small and easy to carry. The usability of the device is very good
    – a few minutes of your time and the measurement is done.” 

    — Mikael, Glaucoma patient

  • ”The iCare HOME saved my sight. After taking my eye pressure at home, the
    doctor changed my treatment plan, which slowed my glaucoma progression.”

    — Paul, Glaucoma Patient

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