Benefits of using the iCare HOME2 self-tonometer

• Freedom and flexibility of measuring intraocular
pressure (IOP) outside office hours
• Long-term monitoring for an overall better
understanding of your eye condition and treatment
• Easy, quick, and comfortable measurements as
part of your daily routine
• Measure while sitting down, reclining, or lying
• No need for anesthetic or drops
• Smart iCare PATIENT2 mobile app to upload, track
and review measurements

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iCare HOME2 helps you keep track of your IOP around the clock

Intraocular pressure (IOP) reduction is the only proven method for slowing glaucoma progression. It’s not enough to measure IOP a few times a year in the clinic, since IOP peaks often occur outside of office hours. IOP varies throughout the day and night and IOP variation in glaucoma patients’ eyes is, on average, three times higher than in normal eyes.

The iCare HOME2 is a self-tonometer that revolutionizes glaucoma care by allowing you to measure and monitor your IOP anytime, anywhere. At-home measurements may help reveal IOP spikes that would have otherwise gone undetected. You and your healthcare provider have round-the-clock access to the IOP results.

As part of the bigger picture, getting accurate real-world IOP trends can assist your doctors in making care decisions. Having access to ample IOP data aids your doctors in reviewing the effects of prescribed medications or an eye operation. It will also help your doctor personalize your glaucoma care.

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Intuitive device for easy, quick, and comfortable measurements

iCare tonometers are based on the widely patented rebound tonometry principle. In an iCare measurement, a tiny disposable probe is gently bounced off the surface of the eye six times quickly. The rebound measurement is safe and barely noticeable. The ease of use, accuracy, and reliability of iCare tonometers has been validated in numerous clinical studies.

The iCare HOME2 comes with simple training materials and is designed for you to use in a home setting effortlessly. It will guide you to take high-quality measurements, without the need for anesthetic, drops, or air.

iCare HOME2 is lightweight, fits well in the hand, and lets you measure your IOP whilst sitting down, reclining, or lying down, from the comfort of wherever you are. The device comes with a smart light guide that helps you position the tonometer correctly for accurate measurements. The iCare HOME2 stands upright on the table and comes with adjustable forehead and cheek supports.

User-friendly software for easy monitoring and sharing

The PATIENT2 mobile app for both Android and iOS platforms displays iCare HOME2 measurement results and instantly shares them with your doctor’s CLINIC platform. The simple user interface lets you follow your own measurements that are displayed in a graphical or list format.

You can also access iCare CLINIC via a web browser to review your information using a patient account created by your healthcare professional. This empowers you to understand your own condition and care journey, actively collaborating in the process, and providing valuable information that can help your doctor tailor a treatment plan for you.

If your doctor is not using the iCare CLINIC platform, you can alternatively subscribe to the iCare CLOUD platform which lets you share your measurement results with your doctor.

Other specifications

  • Works with 4 x AA alkaline 1.5V batteries
  • Product case includes 20 sterile blister probes in a reusable box
  • Product case material is hydrophobic to prevent it from getting dirty
  • Bluetooth and USB connectivity options

Watch how to measure eye pressure with the iCare HOME2 self-tonometer


  • What do the eye pressure values mean for me? When should I be concerned about the eye pressure readings?

    Intraocular pressure (IOP) is the fluid pressure in the eye and is also known as eye pressure. IOP is only one aspect of eye health and glaucoma. IOP values alone cannot be used to diagnose accurately or monitor glaucoma.. Saying this, IOP reduction is still the only proven method for slowing glaucomatous progression.

    Having an accurate overview of your diurnal IOP profile may assist your eye care professional in tailoring a management program to suit your individual needs. You should always discuss any IOP concerns with your eye care professional, to ascertain what normal looks like for you. Every glaucoma patient is different.


  • How do I show my results to my eye care professional (ECP)?

    You can show your results in several ways:

    • Directly on the iCare PATIENT2 app on your phone
    • Print out or email a report from the computer
    • You can ask your ophthalmologist to subscribe for the iCare CLINIC software so that they can view your measurement results online
  • Does it hurt?

    Measurement is painless. The light-weight probe touches the cornea momentarily and some patients don’t even notice the measurement.

  • How often should I calibrate the tonometer?

    The tonometer does not require any routine servicing or calibration. If there is a reason to believe that the servicing of the tonometer is necessary, contact the local distributor or the manufacturer.

  • How often should I change the probe base?

    Every 6 months is recommended to maintain the accuracy of the device.

  • How often should I change the probe?

    The probes are for single use (single pair of measurement sequences) only. Each probe can be used once to take a successful measurement in both eyes. If you eye is inflamed or infected, measure the healthy eye first.


  • Where can I find all the iCare self-tonometer instruction manuals and materials?

    You can find all the manuals and materials on the iCare USB drive, located inside the iCare carrying case. You can also download digital versions from our website.

  • How do I clean my tonometer?

    You can clean the plastic surfaces with a cloth or a paper towel dampened with water.

  • Can I travel with the tonometer?

    Yes, you can take the tonometer anywhere with you.

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