Publisher: Optom Vis Sci. 2020;97(2):86‐93.

Authors: Huang, Jessie BOptom; Phu, Jack PhD; Kalloniatis, Michael PhD; Zangerl, Barbara PhD

Determining Significant Elevation of Intraocular Pressure Using Self-tonometry


Significance: Icare HOME rebound tonometry is increasingly adopted into clinical practice for IOP phasing of glaucoma patients and suspects. Because of measurement differences with applanation tonometry and diurnal fluctuations, interpretation of the IOP measured with Icare HOME phasing can be challenging.

Purpose: The purpose of this study was to use a large patient cohort to develop a practical, analytical tool for interpreting Icare HOME measurements with respect to applanation pressure.

Methods: IOP measurements using the Icare HOME and an applanation tonometer were taken prospectively in 498 consecutive patients. Bland-Altman, frequency distribution, and linear regression analysis were applied to determine measurement differences. A novel criterion, Threshold Icare HOME IOP, was developed to assist identification of elevation above target applanation pressure, considering the expected diurnal variation and measurement variability.

Results: Icare HOME tended to underestimate applanation tonometry (mean bias, -1.7 mmHg; 95% limits of agreement, -7.0 to +3.6). Overall, differences were within ±3 mmHg in 71.5% and ±5 mmHg in 92% of patients. Based on the novel criterion developed, Icare HOME measurements that exceed

target applanation pressure by 6 mmHg or greater are generally outside the 95% limit of expected observations.

Conclusions: The Threshold Icare HOME IOP is a novel and practical criterion that can assist clinicians in their interpretation of Icare HOME phasing measurements with respect to target applanation pressures. Elevation above the expected thresholds may prompt closer monitoring or even modifications to glaucoma management.

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